A visual & experiential media and production company
in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.


We’ve developed niche brands that each provide unique, specific creative services for specific clientele.

OpenBox Events

OpenBox Events is a wedding production brand providing videography, photography, and entertainment services across Wisconsin and Illinois.

Falling Action Film Co.

Falling Action Film Co. specializes in music videos and cinematic brand films that take on a more creative and and artistic voice than a traditional corporate production.

OpenBox Strategies

OpenBox Strategies is a video production company that works with mid-level managers tasked with producing video content in support of specific corporate goals.

Committed to excellence through creative ingenuity.

Across all brands, you’re working with business people who are creative. That means we walk the tightrope of getting things done while delivering excellent creative assets. 

OpenBox Creative, LLC
700 W Virigina #302
Milwaukee, WI 53204

(262) 825-6993